From 14-17 of September 2023 OMS presented Louis-Philippe Scoufaras and Nicolas Milhé at Art Athina 2023. The work of Louis-Phillipe Scoufaras articulates a relationship between formal representation and its possible transformation in monumental and iconoclastic terms terms; Nicolas Milhé challenges symbolic vocabulary and diverts the signs of power in his works. Project “Rosa” was curated by Nadja Geer.

“Artists featured in Rosa both work on breaking conventions of semiotically charged figuration in the political and mythological field. Louis-Philippe Scoufaras‘ sculpture Omphalos (2023) dives deep into the contradiction of origins in a sublime and subversive way. Made out of pink carrara marble from Portugal, it perfectly complements the smaller one created by Nicolas Milhé, titled Rosa Luxembourg. Choosing a friend of his for the casting, the artist depicted the communist activist as a young person today, touching on the imaginary transcending time.” (Elena Martinique, Widewalls Magazine)