Jean-Damien Charmoille: Exhausted on 21st Boulevard

DATE:// 09.06.2023 - 09.07.2023

Exhausted on 21st Boulevard

a solo show by Jean-Damien Charmoille

curated by Nadja Geer

Opening: 09/06/2023

19:00 – 22.00

09.06.2023 – 08.07.2023

“If I had to summarize what I think painting does, I would say that it seizes – the real, things, beings. This is the fundamental question that arises in the studio when I look at the canvas in progress: have I managed to catch the subject?” JEAN-DAMIEN CHARMOILLE

JEAN-DAMIEN CHARMOILLE (born 1990) lives and works in Athens, Greece after previously residing five years in  Leipzig. Consisting principally of figurative oil paintings, Jean-Damien Charmoille’s work is to be understood at the crossway of a classical approach applied to contemporary subjects, or objects. His current artistic intention consists of seeking a new form of realism – a post-modern realism that deals with the post-modern that is spread out before our eyes. Capturing the contemporaneity of the world around us and the desire to engage with the present and the documentary has led him to a series of portraits. Portraits of anonymous people who attracted his attention often by their solitude, their daze within the urban rhythm. To get in touch with the contemporary and what he feels as its nerve centers – besides the people living there.

Selected exhibitions:  2022 – Textures du réel, Aedaen Gallery, Strabsourg (FR) 2022– Retours au non-lieu, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Flaine (FR) 2019 /Galeries Nomades, IAC Villeurbanne Exsitu 2018 – Disillusions in a french garden, Galerie Dukan, Leipzig (DE)/180×120, Haus N, Athens (GR) Curation : Florent Frizet 2022 – Stress Test, HAU Hebbel am Huffer, Berlin (DE)Curation : New Scenario 2022 – A5, ASEM, Leipzig (DE)/Erik Swars 2021 – Opportunity Island, SMiLe, Leipzig (DE)/L’envers des pentes, Artist residency, Massif des écrins, Alpes (FR) Curation : Marion Wintrebert 2021 – The days are just packed, The Pool, Istanbul (TU) Curation : Marian Luft, Ece Candugen 2020 – La Station, Artist residency, Nice (FR) 2020 – Chalet Radiant, Verchaix (FR), Curation : Data Rhei 2019 – Back Lane West, Artist residency, Redruth, Cornouaille, (UK) 2019 – Through the Windows, Soej Kritik/Fugitif, Leipzig (DE)

Jean-Damien Charmoille: 2667/Campania dei Veleni