One Minute is an Exhibition Space in Athens RUN by Nadja Geer and Florent Frizet. We Support art, artistic Research and curatorial PrActice.

We work with Concepts of situating and situatedness, Transformation, Environmentality and Dispositif.


Marathonos 71
Athina 104 35

One Minute Space Athens stands for the temporary, immediate and ephemeral production of space: Space as a performative sculpture. Space as subjective time. OMS Athens leans on the occurrence of space through reception.

Space is contingent and the continuous process of catching up with other spaces, groups, discourses, media and fields of practice is essential for One Minute Space Athens.

Entanglement of the heterogeneous constellation of a city is vivid for a concept of an idea of a space that posits the temporary as politically. We promote the appreciation of existing and not yet existing art and we support the contemporaneity of art. Discourse and independent artistic research come alive by making things happen.

no(w) past
(w) Space
(w) Future

one minute space Athens