curated by Frank Holbein und Nadja Geer



*1988 Zwenkau, GDR; Germany 

2005-2006 Abendakademie der HGB Leipzig, Jochen Plogsties 

2010-2011 Leipzig School of Design and Fine Arts, Christian Weihrauch 

2011-2016 Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle (Saale), Prof. Triebsch 

2013-2014 Geidai Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, O JUN 

2015 JASSO Scholarship, Geidai Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, O JUN 

2016 Diplom, Jochen Plogsties, Peter Möller 

selected exhibitons 

2018 you and me are the same thing Galerie Kleindienst 

2019 bis hierhin gings noch gut with Ronny Szillo and Stefan Vogel 

2020 2020 Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (solo) 

2021 21 Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (solo) 

2021 hey you / I try to love you just as you are with Carsten Tabel 

2021 Moments and/or Realities between Jochen Hempel (solo) 

2021 Sammlung des Bundes Art Collection of Germany 

2022 present collective Werkschau Spinnerei Leipzig (group) 

2022 New Positions Scholarship Art Cologne 

2022 IMI AND ERIK Ken Nakahashi with Imi Knoebel 

2023 teile 20-23 Studio (solo) 

2023 started closed circles (1/24) (global) 

2023 skésis SunnyBrook Art Center