One Minute Space

DATE:// 13.03.2020 - 13.03.2020
TIME:// 20:00 - 20:01
EXTRAS:// Part of the festival "Death in Athens" by Athens Artcore

Situational Performance

Artist: Nadja Geer


This work would like to raise awareness of the destabilization of natural systems and the multitude forms we as consumers are entangled, involved and intertwined in this. In a new global climate situation a new political subject is needed. There is more to recognize about the world today than modernism told us. Western, liberal anthropomorphism will not change the situation we live in and the attitude we used to show toward terrestrial decomposition.The beauty industry with its aim to hide, whitewash and mask aging, loss of beauty and at the end death, plays a crucial role in the perpetuating the old regime where humans stand above all the other life forms on the planet. Together with factory farming and fossil fuels industry the beauty industry can be regarded as highly destructive – maybe for the individual but surely for the earth.


Seventy-three used plastic packaging originating from beauty products, cleaning supplies, drugs and medical devices arranged randomly on a white fabric forming a polka dot pattern. Each visitor can stay one minute and look at the piece, also climbing up a ladder to get a different perspective. The visitor will also get the narration to read and contemplate on. After the one-minute art experience the visitor or recipient sis asked by the artist (who is present) if the concept and the narration was implemented well into art. For that answer the art visitor will get a multiple choice test which he can only answer with “yes” or “no” and “no answer”.

Artist Statement:

“It is time to widen our visual field, take into consideration not only personal death, but the one of the Earth too. Groom the planet.”