shifting adjective UK /ˈʃɪf.tɪŋ/ US /ˈʃɪf.tɪŋ/ always changing or moving

Curated by Florent Frizet with works by

Despina Charitonidi, Leo Chesneau, Nadja Geer, Agata Ingarden, Katerina Komianou,Danai Kotsaki, Anna Lascari, Nicolas Melemis, Dimitris Tampakis, Eleni Tomadaki, Marios Stamatis, Camille Yvert

&Louis-Philippe Scoufaras

Opening Saturday 20/01/2024, 7-10pm

Until 17/02/2024

Opening hours Wed to Sat 4-8pm

The show “Shifting” can be seen as one alteration of the rhetoric figure of the poetic enjambement (the continuing of a sentence from one line of a poem into the start of the new line) leading to the idea of keeping some parts of the scenography of the previous show, slightly shifting it plus adding new positions. It opens up the new year in OMS and its new theme: “Tectonic Shifts”. It is curated by Florent Frizet:

“Our marketing needs to keep up with shifting consumer profiles.”

“They lost their ways in the shifting sands of the Sahara.”

Approximately every 400 million years the tectonic plates gather to create a super-continent (at least 75% of the continental crust), known as the cycle of Wilson. Amasia, the next one, will occur in 250 million years.

The previous exhibition by Louis-Philippe Scoufaras is still there. The wall is still standing. Theseats have been split, slowly moved by 90 degrees and the sculpture by a rotation of 180.(In 2013 at Centre Georges Pompidou, Pierre Huyghe kept the scenography and the ruins from the previous show by Mike Kelley. Loved it.)

Alterations are present. Violent or not. Sometimes invisible.But their significations have repercussions.A spear in the air has magnitude for all..Since a few years the Gen Zers are practicing a desired reality, without moving from their bed. It’s an immobile journey made of flashes. (It’s called shifting but it’s basically autohypnosis, whichexists since the 19th century and was created by a French pharmacist.)

In the exhibition you will find:

In the exhibition you will find:
A small house in a garden
A compilation of methodologies
An ongoing life
An unfinished text
A lot of different materials
Some stripes and some images
An exploration of modalities
Reflections of time and space
Two citations from the Cambridge Dictionary

In one of her last interview, Phyllida Barlow explained how her working process is not about resultsbut contemplation and how it enables her to daydream and think. I am realising that the point ofview makes the connections, with no beginning and no end. (Florent Frizet)


Despina Charitonidi (b. 1991) is a sculptor and performer who lives and works in Athens, Greece. She is a graduate of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in Italy and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in the Netherlands. Charitonidi’s work leans towards a tendency to strip-down natural and primary elements found in urban construction sites. Her work focuses on reforming and transmuting these materials through a process of examining and experimenting with their properties. The results unveil a number of sculptural gestures that holistically reconsider man’s environmental interference.

Léo Chesneau (born in 1992) in Blois – lives and works in Paris. Through his research, Leo Chesneau provokes a calling into question of traditional pictorial means, combining theoretical reflections and a political positioning on circulation and access to images. The equal importance attributed to the manufacturing stages and to the final artwork, as well as the absence of a predetermined subject in his works, shift the interest towards the succession of different gestures that create the paintings. His work reflects a desire to return to the primitive gesture, by appropriating different methods of image-making: covering, superimposition, subtraction, framing. Leo uses simple, elementary structures made with the help of ancestral tools and materials such as fire, ink and pigment to reproduce technological mechanisms rid of their magic on a human scale. Purified forms, made up of elements below which the form itself dissolves: the repetition of similar shapes and volumes, the creation of a motif and its reversal.

Nadja Geer is an artist, curator, theorist and editor based in Athens. Her research focuses on the aestheticization of politics, situating knowledges and networked subjectivity. She is founder and artistic director of One Minute Space. Editor of SHE: Super Host Edition. Her work was exhibited in Berlin and Greece. Curatorial projects: “Rosa” Transversal Figurines. Works by Louis-Philippe Scoufaras and Nicolas Milhé, Art Athina 2023; Exhausted on 21st Boulevard: Postmodern Realism. Paintings by Jean-Damien Charmoille, “Pavillon” an exhibition by Matthieu Clainchard and Nicolas Milhé, OMS 2023, “Pavillon Bar” Small Talks on Art together with Florent Frizet; The New Left: Conversation on whats left with Holger Hiller and Oscar Ivan Gonzales, Berlin, I-A-M 2017, Music as Identity Sign: Curatorial Flyer Silent Green Solo Show Karl-Heinz Jeron, Hypothetische Maschinen Berlin 2015. Exhibitions: Survival Cat: Poster, Lapin Canard Edition 2022 (LCXOMS I), Immediate Space, Sculpture, In Search of Overwhelming Banality, Organized by Jan Kusnierak&Locuratolo; Meta-Imaginary Items, Plastic People (Pop Up Show together with Grygoria Vryttia) 2020 “So alone – dreaming on: Tristesse Royal in the Digital Age, Athens Meme 2019, Netflix Painting, Berlin 2018, Publications: Sharing after Corona in: Pop.culture and criticism, issue 17, autumn 2020, p.84-89 Talks: Real Life Is No Cool, University of St. Gallen 2016; Selfing Versus Posing, Folkwang University of the Arts, 2015. Pop and Postdemocracy: Talk. UDK Berlin 2013.

Katerina Komianou works focus on ideas around eros (love) and symbolically make use of materials such as magnets, palm-trees and alocasia plants which she materially transforms by capturing them in resin and liquid glass. Her series Blue Letters are a series of love letters she writes using a sharp tool on rubber and then erases creating a series of cryptic black panels. She studied sculpture with George Lappas and Nikos Navridis at Athens School of Fine Arts (2013-2018). From 2008 to 2011, she studied interior design at Vakalo School, Athens. Selected group shows: 2020: Unhappy Monuments – Outdoor Exhibition, curated by Christoforos Marinos, co-organized by ARTWORKS and OPANDA 2020 video by hyperlink_athens as part of TUTORIAL, show initiated by bsmntgallery and curated by gozde.elektrik, luftmarian, ronnyszillo Berlin 2020: NYCTOPHILIA II – Can Gallery – Christina Androulidaki Athens 2019: THE SAME RIVER TWICE: CONTEMPORARY ART IN ATHENS, curated by Margot Norton, Natalie Bell, DESTE Foundation and New Museum, New York, in collaboration with the Benaki Museum Athens 2017.

Agata Ingarden, born 1994, studied at Beaux-Arts, Paris, France and Cooper Union, Brooklyn, USA.She works with multiple media including installation, sculpture and video. Her practice is driven by material research as well as investigations in post-humanities, science fiction and mythical narratives. Selected exhibitions: Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France / CAPC museum, Bordeaux, France (curated exhibition by Cédric Fauq)/ The Radicants: “Climate Change”, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Palazzo Bollani, Venice, Italy / Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Germany / Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria / Silesian Museum Katowice, Poland / Pinchuck Art Center, Kiev, Ukrania (Future Generation Art Price, winner of the “Special Prize”) / Komi Biennale, Art Encounters, Timisoara, Romania, curated by Kasia Redzisz and Mihnea Mircan / Museum Unter Tage, Bochum, Germany / Centre D´Art Contemporain D´Intérèt National, Saint Nazaire, France /  East Contemporary, Milan, Italy / Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin, Germany / Piktogram, Warsaw, Poland / Soft Opening, London, UK / Sans Titre, Paris, France / Berthold Pott, Cologne, Germany / Exo Exo, Paris, France / High Art, Paris, FranceAgata participated in the following residencies: Fondation Fiminco, Paris, France (2021-22), Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France (2021),  A l´oeuvre, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, France (2020), La Totale, Les studios Orta, France (2020), Villa Belleville, Paris, France (2018), Leo XIII Gastatelier, Tilburg, The Netherlands (2018).

Danai Kotsaki was born in Athens (1992) and went to the Experimental Music High School and the Lyceum of Pallini. She studied at the School of Fine Arts of Athens with Professor Giorgos Lappas. Her work tackles primarily physicality and interaction. The installations and sculptures she creates are movable, invested with her own compositions/sound environments, they sometimes produce sound themselves through motion and performance. The main materials of her work are metal, ceramics, video and sound: live music or recorded compositions. Awards & Residences: November-December 2016: Winner of the sculpture competition Lappas Prize by Elmin Βauxites Ltd, September-November 2017: Participation in the Coderailart, 2017 sculpture contest in collaboration with Hellenic Railroads SA, September 2017: ART4MORE 2017 / Art Residencies in Mental Health Units Art Residencies in Mental Health Structures. “EDRA” at the Art Gallery of Delphi of the School of Fine Arts; Academic year 2018-2019: One-year Darmasiswa Scholarship at the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta.

Anna Lascari was born in Athens, Greece. After years of residing in New York City, she moved to Athens and has been working there since 2007. She holds a Master’s in Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and studied Video art, Computer Art, Web design and Flash animation at the New School in New York City. Lascari has exhibited internationally including at I Bienal del Sur: Pueblos en Resistencia, Caracas, Venezuela (2016); CAPTURE ALL, TRANSMEDIALE/festival, Berlin, Germany (2015); 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, The Mediterranean Experience: The Mediterranean as a spatial paradigm for the circulation of ideas and meaning. An introduction. Curated by Denys Zacharopoulos. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (2013); The Garden of Eden, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2012); Suspended Forces and PINK, a.antonopoulou art, Athens, Greece (2013 and 2010). 

Nicolas Melemis is a French Canadian photographer born in Paris in 1994 and living between Athens and Paris. After architectural studies at La Villette, he moved on to study photography at the ENS Louis Lumière of which he gratuated in 2018. Of the foundational years in architecture he keeps an interest in the making of the urban milieu. His work looks at the ways in which people interract with their environment and vernacular ways of making territories. His work has been published in such papers as : M le Monde, Geste/s, K magazine, Kathimerini, 2022 (Zola), Néon, Pays Revue.

Dimitris Tampakis (1991) is a Greek artist and designer based in Athens, Greece. He started his studies on Syros island in Greece, where he obtained an integrated master diploma in Design Engineering (2009-2015) and he continued his studies at the Visual arts master program(MET) of ASFA (2020-2021). In 2020 he took part as a resident artist at Fuga Residency in collaboration with Filippos Raskovic at Zaragoza, Spain. Along with his artistic research and practice, he has worked at the studio of Nacho Carbonell in Eindhoven (2017), as a set designer on performances by Anna Kokkinou-Sfendoni (2017-2018) and Efrosini Mastrokalou-Bios (2018-2021). Since 2018 he is the co-founder of the design studio un.processed.realities which take place in Athens and Tinos. His work has been presented in group exhibitions in institutions and independent venues such as MIET, Romantso, Benaki museum, MOMus, Athens School of Fine Arts and Keiv.

Eleni Tomadaki is a visual artist based between London & Athens. Working interdisciplinary across moving image, installation, performance, text and digital media, she invents non-linear storytelling narratives to interrogate one’s relationship to the Other. She is interested in the multiple forms this Other can take, such as language, society, the law, one’s own self, or simply of another. Through examining these relationships, she explores themes around the trouble of identity, resistance and belonging/ not belonging. The distorted use of language in her work abdicates its legitimacy as a definite symbol. She is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, and one of the 6 commissioned writers for Open Space’s 2021 edition of Writing Space. She has shown work in the UK at Tate St Ives, Gasworks, South London Gallery, Assembly Point, HOAX Publication; and internationally at the Institute of Fine Arts Toulouse, Uppsala Konst Museum, Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, The Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, amongst others.

Louis-Philippe Scoufaras (*1981) was born in Montreal, Canada. He currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. His work articulates a relationship between sound composition and formal representation, with a focus on time and its possible transformation in monumental terms. Together with Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, Scoufaras founded PPKK in 2016 in Berlin. PPKK is an artist duo, that primarily engages with site-specific contexts and participatory practices, involving sound installations and immersive sensorial experiences. 

Marios Stamatis, born in Greece. While maintaining a solo practice spanning sculpture, performance, video, sound and text, he has established a long term collaborative practice with artist Lea Collet. His practice examines the human–nature–technology triptych relationships as well as the technological limitations of embodiment and the value of emotion in a digital capitalist society. Through a de-centred physical and neural fluidity in the form of expression, his work simulates and explores the increasing influence of new forms of intelligence on the human psyche, intellect and ultimately the body, and how by embracing the interconnections between organic and non-organic life, affect becomes a vehicle for rethinking these transformative co-existences. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS & PERFORMANCES 2021 Every Offbeat Step, Every Footprint Left, cur. Matyas Malac, Prisoning Museum, Uničov, CZ. Beyond Nostalgia Hijack, cur. Konstantinos Giotis, CAN Gallery, Athens, GR PLAGUE SHIP, cur. PGS, Mediterranean Sky, Elefsina, GR Gardening (an indoor activity), cur. Georgia Liapi, Zoumboulakis, Athens, GR 2020. Urban Antibodies, cur. Konstantinos Giotis and Natalia Janula, weekend, Athens, GR

Camille Yvert is a visual artist based in London and Athens. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (London, 2018) and enrolled in the BAFA at Goldsmiths University (London, 2015-2016). Camille Yvert is a French Postwar & Contemporary artist, numerous key galleries and museums such as A plus A Gallery have featured Camille Yvert’s work in the past. In MutualArt’s artist press archive, Camille Yvert is featured in Hotel Happiness, a piece from this is tomorrow in December 2020. PAST EXHIBITIONS 2023 Porous Cities, South Parade at Feria, Marseille Rear View, Biblioteka, curated by Eleni Papazoglou, London, Flop Era, Filet Space, London, 2022 V8, Cylinder Gallery, curated by Dooyong Ro, Seoul, Korea, Ancient Mew, Conditions Studios, Croydon, UK, SupaVenezia, A plus A Gallery, Venice, Italy Unfabricated, D Contemporary, London I knock on your skin, Set Woolwich, London 2021, Bronzage (solo), Filet Space, London SupaStore Southside, South London Gallery, London 2020 Hotel Happiness,, London AWARDS, GRANTS & RESIDENCIES
2022 (Residency) New Contemporaries Research Residency, The British School at Rome(Grant) A-N Bursary, UK2021(Award) Arts Council England, UK 2020 (Award) Fluxus Art Project, UK-France 2019.