Nadja Geer


I would like to see my work as critical intervention. The title of my current series of paintings „WE ARE MONSTERS“ sees the cyborg and the monster as a metaphor for female self-empowerment and inclusion. I am occupied with the idea of the re-modeling of negativ stereotypes like “disabled“,  “unfit”, “megalomanic”. 

Maybe the revolution is not something aesthetic any more. It is very likely that it is not something solely human anymore. Imagination, inspiration, transformation and transplantation – for me are all positive terms. They stand for change.

Pop and myth – which I often use as semiotic reservoirs – are both forms of social imaginaries. I try to figure out what these social imaginary reservoirs have bunkered for recombination and re-signification. I work and re-work the surface. I scratch the surface to uncover new perspectives and new visions. To start something new you have at least to believe that is it possible. That – the belief that something new is possible – for me is a feminist political demand.