Open Call

One Minute Space OMS is happy to announce an Open Call for young Greek artists on the topic of situatedness.

The deadline for handing in proposals is the 15th of August.

The show


will be on from the 30th of September to the 15th of October 2021 in One Minute Space Athens. There will be an artist fee.


is a cognitive concept that postulates the end of the dualism of mind and world. It works with the idea of an socially extended mind. Following this idea, the human body is not a container, but a dynamic process in constant and direct exchange with the system surrounding it. It exists in a functional context that in practice shares its environment with other functional contexts in a performative manner.

Situatedness is used in animal studies to describe the possible connection of an animal and a human in a situation. Situated approaches have been used to overcome an individualistic perspective on emotions by emphasizing the role embodiment and environment play in affective dynamics.

In this theoretical position the mind is intertwined with environmental, social and cultural factors. Our own experiences shape the way we receive the world. Being aware of this entanglement can help to broaden your mind.

Your piece should deal with the idea of situatedness in all its forms, ideas, concepts and constructions – and especially your own approach towards it.

One Minute Space is an artist run space supporting art, discourse and independent artistic research in Athens, Greece. Working with the concepts of situation(s), knowledge(s), materiality and the corporeality of agency, OMS promotes the appreciation of local and international contemporary art while not promoting commercial exploitation. It forms an off-space for art and theory in Athens.

The Open Call is dedicated to artists of all disciplines. All mediums are accepted.

The application file should be sent to until August 15th and should contain:
-A text (one page max) explaining the project on the topic of situatedness.

-Some visuals of the project (sketches, pictures, links…)

-A portfolio of previous works

-A short CV