ONE MINUTE SPACE Athens Alphabet (the new cultural logic of upcoming art and activism)

Alienation/ Autonomy/ Attractor/ Acceleration/ Application/Annihilation, Anti-Reproduction, Analytics/ Anticipation/ Border, Bodypolitics, Bit Rot, CON Tempus/ Coincidence/ Chaos, Contemporary, Contemporaneity/Constructivism/ Cyborgs, Cost/ Circuits, Duration, Death Culture Diagram/ Drift compatibility, Derivate, Dividuum, Dislocation, Environmentality , Energy Indulgence, Extinction, Emergent/ Evolution, Explosion, Future, Flow Flames, Force Horizon, Hollow Holoscopic , Interval, Image Economy, GRID Illustrator, Information, Youth, Mutants, Morphing Models Monsters, Materialism/ Non-Binary, New Order, Organization, One Minute Presence, Occurrence, Ontology/ Photo(shop)/ Progressiveness, Posthumanism, Parametrical Pressure Points, Power. Pop-up, Practice, Quantum Computing/ Qubit, Relativity,  Reconstructing, Relatability, Radicalism, Revolution, /Romanticism Situatedness/ Superposition/ Subjectivities, Substances/ Shape Shifting, / Space, Schematic/ Scales / Scale, Temporality, Transplantation, Transition, Utopia, Vaporwave, Visual Logic: Value.