Nadja Geer
    Autonomy and Alienation      

Indoor Street Art

Hellsangel and Mouse King

mouse king: oil and charcoal on canvas, 150x100 cm, 2019


this painting is called “mäusekönig” (mouse king) a name taken by in the fairy tale by e.t.a. hoffmann, “nussknacker und mäusekönig” (nutcracker and mouse king). after I finished it I saw that I formed this huge keyhole and I had to think about what edgar degas said about nudity and pose and women and „respectable, simple human children who have no other interests than the one that lies in their physical condition“ and what looking through a keyhole has to do with all that and I thought what an arse he must have been and what a discriminating sentence that is and i was happy that this painting goes exactly in the other direction: it is about wearing too much, a uniform and a mask and an animal and wild boar brooch. it is about how good it could feel to be part of the a deconstructed phantasy army of the mouse king


edgar degas:

„Bis jetzt ist das Nackte immer in Posen wiedergegeben worden, die eine Zuhörerschaft voraussetzen, aber diese Weiber von mir sind ehrbare, schlichte Menschenkinder, die keine anderen Interessen haben, als die, welche in ihrem physischen Zustand begründet liegen... Es ist, als ob man durch ein Schlüsselloch guckte.“[16]

Stylized: Inter/Trans

my paintings take up the representation of otherness and novelty in popular media and ancient myths. alienation and autonomy are two diametrically opposed positions in the fight for self empowerment nowadays and I try to depict them in my paintings.