Nadja Geer
    Autonomy and Alienation      



Works by Grigoria Vryttia and Nadja Geer

One Minute Space Athens

Marathonos 71

19435 Athens


People are not the crown of creation. Some of us felt that before. 

Others became aware of it with the climate change and the new critical discourse it produced . Since Donna Haraway and her famous »Cyborg« it is well known that in feminist political theory it is more than appropriate to imagine a new future with new subjects, objects and new items and – most of all – new relationships between them. This is were the imaginary items o f Grigoria Vryttia and Nadja Geer would like to be situated – in a feminist critical context that reflects upon the idea that if you do not like what you see it is never to late to imagine and create something new. 

"So alone - Dreaming on"

Tristesse Royal in the digital Age 


"So alone" combines the aesthetics of the popular video game "Fortnite" with painting,  reflecting the video game's pop song with the means of form and colour. It shows a light melody in classical pop art colours. This synaesthetic approach is complemented by a large-format oil painting, showing a lonely female figure in front of the mountain Olympus.  There is only one loneliness "sous ratour", the surface remains pastel and pretty. How can we be lonely when we are all connected? On the right, the two pictures "Hereditary" and "Baby" also intervene directly in the sublime horrors of pop culture.  

Social Plastic Athens 


Carelessly discarded plastic trash, collected in parks and from the streets of Athens by people living on the street, homeless people and refugees. For each sack there will be paid 5 Euro. Out of the collected plastic trash life-sized sculptures will be build by melting together the single plastic parts with the help of an industrial blow-dryer.The sculptures will be positioned in the public sphere.  The project is to be realized in Athens. An empty main building of the polytechnic university of Athens would be the ideal location. At the outside of the building there is a very prominent flight of steps where once stone sculptures were situated. The stands have slots to anchor the sculptures. The new Social Plastic Sculptures will be positioned exactly there, fitting into the surrounding and at the same time changing it completely.Social Plastic Athens wants to address the problem of value – material value and the value of work – in the cultural and political change of the metropolises of today. Social Plastic is a visual statement against the solemnly monetary rating of work and resources. The sculptures in their abjective and at the same time beautiful appeal can be regarded as a communication catalytic converter.  What is thrown away by society is also regarded as worthless. This process can be applied not only to physical trash put can also be seen as a general technic of the West to get rid of anything which is against the symbolic order. For Julia Kristeva the subjective horror comes in when one is confronted with one's "corporeal reality". This results in a breakdown in the distinction between what is self and what is other. The refugees of our days slowly but surely become something like the abject of the West. As Judith Butler puts it: The stateless within the state are “contained within the polis as it’s interiorized outside“.*Externalising this interiorized “other” means in this project nothing else then pushing the precarious into society and by that pushing the abject back into the social. Contextualising leads to a process of integration. In that sense abjection gets productive on a social level which can lead to a new social debate. 

concept by: karl heinz jeron and nadja geer 

*Judith Butler/Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: Who sings the nation state? London/New York/Calcutta 2007.

Fight for your Right for Social Texture