Nadja Geer
    Autonomy and Alienation      

 When I make objects out of discarded plastic I am aware of the ambiguity of the material. Plastic with its light, transparent character stands for alienation and autonomy alike. The seventh continent - all the plastic debris swimming in the ocean - can be seen as the disastrous outcome of a naive idea of independence, mobility and modernism. Practicability, pollution, selfishness and modernism are all inherent in a material that is in itself Janus-faced: plastic.




Pop Up Show

Works by Grigoria Vryttia and Nadja Geer



Friday the 17th, 19PM –Finissage Sunday the 19th  of July 2020

Opening Hours

15 – 22 pm

Party Saturday the 18th




Marathonos 71

10435 Athens


People are not the crown of creation.


Some of us felt that before. Others became aware of it with the climate change and

the new critical discourse it produced – Transhumanism, Posthumanism,  New Materialism are all part of a new thinking in this day and age which goes under the name of the Anthropocene. These are all attempts to deal with a new situation where homo sapiens have to accept not to be in charge any more – or to put it more positive: where they have to realize that it is not only living on the planet but also in the critical zone of the earth with all the interaction and »intra-action« (Karen Barad) it deserves.


Since Donna Haraway and her famous »Cyborg« it is also well known that in feminist political theory it is more than appropriate to imagine a new future with new subjects, objects and new items and – most of all – new relationships between them.

This is were the imaginary items of Grigoria Vryttia and Nadja Geer would like to be situated – in a feminist critical context that reflects upon the idea that if you do not like what you see it is never to late to imagine and create something new.


This does not mean that the two artists live in their dream world which is inhabited be metaimaginary items – what it means is that the two would like to show a reflective form of imaginary by creating eco friendly items which can be read as a commentary on  what is missing in the neoliberal, digital world of today.

Some of them are to touch and some of them are only to look at. These three dimensional sculptures resist the trend that everything has to be mobile in art  - the spectator is asked to move, not the sculptures.